When Batroc's Brigade attempted to steal the Atomic Inverter X-99 from a Roxxon facility Doug Taggert, as Grasshopper, was attempting to protect his employer's assets when Squirrel Girl, Doorman, and Flatman arrived. Together they battled the Brigade. During a lull in the proceedings, Doorman asked Grasshopper to join his group. Grasshopper agreed. Seconds later, Zaran threw a sai at Doorman, who reflexively teleported it through himself, and it struck Grasshopper between the eyes, killing him instantly.[1]


Grasshopper's Suit: Using the suit, Grasshopper could perform superhuman leaps and kicks. Other features included insectroid sensors and zoom lenses.

Although the character appeared in a metanarrative with Squirrel Girl in Great Lakes Avengers #1, Grasshopper did not enter the main narrative until the second issue.

Holds the record for the shortest membership on any super-hero team. Gets killed one page after accepting membership into the GLA. Monkey Joe counted it at 5.8 seconds.

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