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Doc Magus is the world's newest Sorcerer Supreme, having replaced Steven Strange. He has various, powerful, mystical and magical abilities. He's assisted by his friend Deacon and is in constant rivalry with Dr Strange. When he learned Strange planned to re-form the original Defenders to kill a scientist whose research could lead to disaster, he turned to the Avengers for help. During the battle, he learned Strange's true motives and was left somewhat stymied, but did manage to beat Strange in battle. [1]

Doc Magus later helped the Avenger known as Zane Yama (J2) in helping find his father, Cain Marko (Juggernaut), from the evil demon known as Nemesus who tried to harness the power of the Juggernaut. The demon was defeated and Zane was reunited with his lost father. Doc Magus continued to be an ally with Zane and the Avengers, though certain members did not like Magus's ways. [2]

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