Quote1 I prayed it wasn't true, but it's as I feared! The Malevilus! Most terrible of alien races...they are the Gods of the Roman Empire! Quote2
-- The Doctor

Appearing in "Doctor Who and the Iron Legion (part 4)"Edit

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Synopsis for "Doctor Who and the Iron Legion (part 4)"Edit

Continued from last issue...

The Imperial Air Galley enters the temple of the Gods of Rome, but the imprisoned Doctor realizes that the temple is actually a spaceship. The Doctor concludes the he and Morris must escape, and Morris uses his metal arm to break free of his chains. He dispatches with the guard, and the two flee. They are pursued by the Alien Guard, the protectors of the temple, and they are soon caught between two groups. Both groups fire on the two, but they duck, and the lakers shred both groups and kill them.

The two continue through the temple, and they find a small mechanical being named Vesuvius, who is spouting oil from the top of his head. The Doctor lights the oil, and a continuous flame comes fro his head, apparently giving him relief. He joins them, and the three find Ironicus kneeling in front of statues of the Gods of Rome. The statues start to move, and they reveal themselves as an alien race, not gods. A horrified Doctor recognizes the as Malevilus, a terribly evil race.

The story is continued next issue...

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