Quote1 I'd rather die than help you conquer everything in creation! Quote2
-- The Doctor

Appearing in "Doctor Who and the Iron Legion (part 2)"Edit

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  • The Doctor's TARDIS

Synopsis for "Doctor Who and the Iron Legion (part 2)"Edit

Continued from last issue...

The Doctor throws himself into the TARDIS and throws a switch on the controls, just before the tank's blast hits, and the TARDIS leaves, narrowly avoiding the shot. However, the TARDIS is caught up in a dimensional disturbance while traveling through time and space. Meanwhile, on another planet, Maximus Bilious, a newscaster, reports of recent events on the planet. He is doing a feature inside an arena, and he interviews Barbarius, keeper of different monsters, what is in store for the crowds of people in the arena tonight.

Just then, General Ironicus returns with the Iron Legion. The TARDIS materializes on a balcony overlooking the crowd, and The Doctor steps out. He is arrested by the Legion, but the crowd's attention turns to a newcomer on the balcony, a young boy. The boy is Emperor Adolphus Caesar, and he is accompanied by his mother. The emperor declares the start of the gladiatorial games in the arena, and The Doctor realizes he truth, that this is an alternate Earth where Rome never fell, but instead built a large robot army and began conquering the galaxy. Ironic demands that The Doctor reveal the secrets of the TARDIS, since he recognizes that is a time machine as well as a space vehicle. The Doctor refuses, and Ironicus has him thrown off the balcony and into the pit, the center of the arena where all the carnage occurs.

The story is continued next issue...

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