Quote1 I suppose I could call him a friend... Quote2
-- The Doctor

Appearing in "Party Animals"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

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  • Mel
  • Bonjaxx (Only appearance)[1]


  • Beep the Meep
  • Daleks (Cameo)
  • an Ice Warrior (Cameo)
  • a Vervoid (Only appearance)[1] (Cameo)
  • a Wirrn (Only appearance)[1] (Cameo)
  • an Alpha Centauran (Only appearance)[1] (Cameo)
  • K1 (Only appearance)[1] (Cameo)
  • a Sontaran (Cameo)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Party Animals"Edit

The Doctor attends his friend Bonjaxx's birthday party, and gets a glimpse of his own future after encountering a number of old friends and foes.

Continuity Notes

  • Captain Britain's cameo appearance on Maruthea (as well as what appears to be a version of him from an earlier time period) is never explained.
  • The Hulk's appearance on Maruthea is also never explained.
  • The story features cameos from Dr Who characters like the Sontarians, Ice-Warriors, Meltron, Jetsam, Daleks (with Werelox), Ogrons, Silurians, Wrarth-Warriors, Yeti, Ivan Asimoff, Melanicus, and Vesuvius (helpful if you are scouting for cameos).
  • The story also features many cameos from characters outside of Doctor Who or Marvel continuity, such as Bart Simpson (the Simpsons, Worf (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Ferengi (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Sapphire and Steel (Look In), John Steed and Emma Peel (British TV show "The Avengers"), Axel Pressbutton (Warrior), Mekkon (2000AD), and Cusik and Doot (Timespirits).

Publication Notes

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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