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Dr. Tannenbaum the Yuletide Terrorist is a genius bent on destroying Christmas and all it represents. His first scheme involved to use a Giant Robot Snowman His plans were interrupted by the Great Lakes Avengers.[1]

One year later, he laid a trap for the GLA using animated pine trees. He had secretly been selling them to families and they would launch an all-out rampage at his command. The team was able to defeat his latest plot when they realized the trees were easily defeated if weighed down with decorations.[2]

Dr. Tannenbaum's secret labs in Christmas Mountain was taken over by A.I.M. while they were using their "Inebriation Ray" powered by Dionysus. He was discovered tied up in a closet by the Great Lakes Initiative and Deadpool during their raid of the facility.[3]



  • Gifted inventor and engirneer.


  • The German word "Tannenbaum" means "Christmas Tree".

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