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Doctor Strange Vol 2 6


Doctor Strange Vol 2 6

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Appearing in "Lift High the Veil of Fears!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Lift High the Veil of Fears!"Edit

Traveling to the New York zoo, Dr. Strange has Clea reverse the spell the cast on a rabbit that made it grow in size. On their walk, the two encounter and have a brief battle against Umar who is on Earth for reasons unknown. When Strange returns to his Sanctum to try and deduce what Umar is up too he uses the Orb of Agamotto to probe into her doings, however she blocks this attempt. Deciding to search for her on his own, Strange leaves Clea to continue her studies.

Clea however is contacted by Mother Nature who pleas for Clea's help in expunging an evil growth in the Earth. Battling demons that are protecting the location, Clea stumbles upon the reborn Dormammu.

  • Cover art: pencils, inks and colours by Brunner.[1]
  • Dr. Strange uses a spell to simulate normal clothes for himself and for Clea. The clothes are taken, per the narrator, from the last issue of Gentleman's Quarterly - which is a monthly magazine for men that has been published since 1957 (currently renamed GQ) and indeed includes information about fashion. The "last issue" must have been January or February, 1975

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