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Appearing in "...Where Bound'ries... Decay"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "...Where Bound'ries... Decay"Edit

Crossing through the portal at the center of the Orb of Agamotto, Dr. Strange finds himself in the land of the dead. Here he is brought to the portal to Death by Famine and other beings that wish a true death, however only Dr. Strange is able to pass through into Death's personal realm.

Fighting Death, Strange has the disadvantage until he spies the shape of Eternity in the realm, flying into it and merging with it, Strange uses the amalgamated power defeats Death. Afterwards, the spirit of the Ancient One arrives to inform Strange that this was the final test for the new Sorcerer Supreme and now Strange can no longer age and can only die by means of violence, he is also gifted with the mystic Ankh of Enduring Life.

  • Cover art: pencils and inks by Brunner, colours by Wein.[1]
  • Plot by Englehart and Brunner, script by Englehart.[2]

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