Doctor Nitro was a criminal scientist who was active during the 1940s. By the summer of 1945 he was incarcerated for an undisclosed crime. While in prison he developed a chemical process to make a type of Nitroglycerine that exploded when put under contact of a special "electric eye" device of his own creation. Having the parts and chemicals slowly smuggled in by one of his assistants, Dr. Nitro managed to use the device to free himself from prison, killing two guards in the process.

Over the passing weeks he sent out blackmail letters to local wealthy men, threatening them with death. Those who refused, Nitro had one of his men douse them with the chemical to be blown up later. His next target, Mr. Standard, was put under police protection. When Nitro's man doused Standard with the chemical he fled police and was stopped by the Whizzer. But without evidence to hold the man, they were forced to let him free. However when Standard suddenly exploded, the Whizzer followed the man back to the garage where Dr. Nitro worked from. Finding no evidence there, the hero was forced to let Nitro and his men go.

However, after learning that this was not the only murder of this kind, the Whizzer realized how the crooks were getting away with murder and raced back to Nitro's lab. There the hero found the device that set off the chemicals hidden under the hood of Nitro's car. Whizzer was then knocked out from behind. When the hero woke up later, he found himself doused in the chemical while Dr. Nitro explained how it worked. However before Nitro could activate the device that would cause the chemicals to explode, the Whizzer quickly rounded him and his men up and turned them over to the authorities.

The subsequent fate of Dr. Nitro is unknown.


Dr. Nitro invented a special form of Nitroglycerine that would only explode when exposed to the beams of an "electric eye" device of his own creation.

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