Doctor Nichi was as scientist and naval commander for the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. By 1945 he developed a special torpedo that could separate hydrogen and water creating a terrific blue flame that fed off of the very water around it. The device was deployed to destroy American convoys in the South Pacific.

When the Sub-Mariner was tipped off to the weapons existence by Chinese spy Ming Toy, he attempted to attack Nichi's ship but was struck by one of his blue flame torpedoes. The flame only weakened the Sub-Mariner who was in his natural habitat, but he was too weak to avoid capture. Taken before Dr. Nichi, he explained how his invention worked and then ordered his men to attack another American fleet that was heading on a mission.

Seeking to eliminate the Sub-Mariner, Nichi dropped a globe containing the device that creates blue fire. However, the water in the globe revived Namor faster than the fire could hurt him and the hero knocked out Nichi, and then escaped his sub with Ming Toy. Back out in the water, Namor then redirected one of Nichi's torpedoes back at his sub, destroying it and killing all aboard.


Nichi commanded the Togayama, a massive submarine.


Doctor Nichi's Blue Flame Torpedo

The Flame Bomb, aka the Blue Flame Torpedo

Nichi had developed a specially made torpedo that an "electrolysis of water" could split hydrogen and water molecules in the water. This caused a terrific heat that created a blue flame that was also fueled by the hydrogen found in water causing a massive flame that could destroy an entire convoy of ships. The amount of blue fire created appeared to be limited by how long the torpedo's generator could operate.

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