Doctor Narr was a mad scientist seeking to build an army of robots to take over the world. Unfortunately, his creations were primitive in design, and proved incapable of such a daunting task. Reading about the exploits of Marvex the Super-Robot, Narr began plotting a trap for the robot in the hopes of learning the secrets of it's technology. He would trick Marvex into a false meeting and the sentient robot would be captured by Narr's robot army.

Taken to Narr's lab, Marvex would attempt to escape until Narr incapacitated him with a magnetic ray. Placing him on a magnetized table, Narr would then attempt to examine the robot more closely. Radio his friend Clara Crandall for help, she would come to Marvex's rescue and smash the magnet controls. Free, Marvex would destroy Narr's robots, and Narr -- fearful of Marvex's vengeance would jump out of a window to his death.[1]


Narr was a brilliant scientist who could build functional (all be it simple) robots that could carry out simple commands.


Was armed with a magnetic ray gun that could incapacitate robots by immobilizing their metallic parts with magnetism.

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