Doctor Lin was a medical doctor, who years ago taught Thomas Halloway in medicine prior to his becoming the costumed vigilante known as the Angel. In 1941, Lin was contacted by explorer Dr. Roberts who had returned from Tibet to try and find a cure for his son in law Robert Harrison who had been transformed into a werewolf. His attempts failing, Lin would recognize the Angel as his old student Halloway, and would set Harrison loose in the hopes that the Angel would capture and cure the creature. The Angel would do just that, and reveal Dr. Roberts aid Singa was the one responsible for transforming Harris into a werewolf[1].

As the Angel would attempt to leave the Roberts estate, Dr. Lin would ask the Angel for assistance in capturing the criminal known as the Cat's Paw. As Lin would attempt to tell the Angel about this threat, one of the Cat's Paws agents would shoot him dead[2]. Halloway would eventually avenge Lin's death.


Dr. Lin is a skilled medical doctor.

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