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Dr. Jorlstad

Dr. Jorlstad was a brilliant British scientist who was active in the 1940s. For reasons of his own in the fall of 1942 he decided to take over the country as the first step at becoming a new world power. To this end, he devised to identity of Dr. Destiny and building a secret lab deep below London created a race of Clammy Things to do his bidding. Apparently he had created them out of human victims with the aid of his assistant and fellow scientist Dr. Purvis.

He sent his creatures out to capture high ranking members of the British government. His reign of terror would come to an end though the night he sent his creatures into the London tubes to capture fresh victims. Among those down in the subway terminal that night were Steve Rogeres and Bucky Barnes who went into action as Captain America and Bucky. Overpowered by the creatures, they allowed themselves to be captured and brought before Dr. Destiny who revealed his plans. Cap and Bucky broke free and attempted to escape the tunnels, however Bucky was captured.

With no other choice, Cap returned to the surface and sought the aid of Britain's most renown scientists. Ironically enough, this proved to be Jorlstad and Purvis who agreed to accompany Captain America back into the tunnels under London. Cap was unaware that both men were responsible for the creatures below. Jorlstad killed Purvis and used him as a decoy "Dr. Destiny" to throw off Captain America.

However, Cap eventually made his way back to Destiny's lab and freed Bucky after fighting off Destiny. When Jorlstad entered the room an conveniently found a switch that revealed the captured government officials, Cap spotted a wound on Jorlstad's hand that matched an injury he inflicted on Dr. Destiny. Jorlstad attempted to trap Cap, Bucky and the government officials and drown them, but Cap busted through the bars dropped on them. With one punch, Cap sent Jorlstad crashing into an electrical panel where he was electrocuted.


Clammy Things

Clammy Things

Jorlstead was a brilliant scientist. Of his achievements he created a means of transforming people into his "Clammy things". The transformation turned his victims into tall emaciated creatures with yellow skin, sharp claws, pointy teeth and long white hair. The treatment did not appear to be reversible.

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