Dr. Jiroult was a weapons developer and designer working at Department H. While initially seen as a bit odd, Dr. Langkowski convinced James Hudson that he was worth keeping on. Jiroult became obsessed with James, idealizing him, but also his wife, Heather. Jiroult's obsession with Heather was only exacerbated when she joked that she wished she had married Jiroult instead of James. X-Men Unlimited Vol 1 45

Plotting a scheme to solidify his relationship with Heather, Jiroult lured James to a testing ground to work on the Guardian armor. While there, he used the prototype Zero Gun to kill James (though he was actually rescued and resuscitated by other members of Alpha Flight). He then approached Heather in her home and confessed his murder and that now the two could be together. Heather, horrified, denied the fantasy he had concocted. Jiroult, heartbroken and maddened with grief, decided to kill Heather. When Alpha Flight intervened, James used his suit to absorb the Zero Gun's energies. Jiroult responded by locking the weapon into overload and the feedback between the two energies caused the Hudson home to explode. James was saved by his force field but Jiroult was seemingly killed.[1]


  • Zero Gun

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