Doctor Hades was an arsonist who was active in the 1940s. In the spring of 1945, he managed to form a cult of fire worshipers whom he convinced to worship fire and assist in his arsons. He was paid by an undisclosed employer $50,000 for each fire he set. The various strange fires prompted reporters Jeff Mace and Mary Morgan to seek an interview with the mayor who dismissed the fires as accidents. However when another fire broke out at the city zoo, Mace looked around.

Dr. Hades exposed himself by foolishly dropping an asbestos lined glove at the scene of the crime. When Mace found it Dr. Hades jumped Mace from behind and clubbed the reporter over the back of the head with the butt of his gun and fled. Mace changed into the Patriot and chased after Hades. However, his cult members were present and they easily subdued the hero and took him back to their headquarters. There, Dr. Hades tied the Patriot up and after a worshiping ceremony, Hades informed the Patriot that he intended to set city hall on fire. When the Patriot broke free from his bonds and attempted to stop Hades, the pyromaniac fired his phosphorous gun in the heroes face, stunning him long enough to escape.

Hades managed to get a serious fire burning at city hall and when the Patriot attempted to stop him, kept the hero at bay with a fire hose and then attempted to flee. The Patriot then grabbed the discarded fire hose and sprayed Dr. Hades. The force of the water pushed Hades into the blazing inferno and he was killed when the burning building collapsed.

The fate of his cult is unknown.


When lighting fires, Doctor Hades wore asbestos lined gloves.


Dr. Hades was armed with a gun that could fire a jet of phosphorous gas.

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