The First Monster Summoned by Doctor Drearr (Earth-616) from Sun Girl Vol 1 1 0001

The first creature summoned by Drearr.

Doctor Drearr was a mad scientist who was active in the 1940s. He was arrested for an undisclosed crime and incarcerated at Glenrock Prison. While incarcerated he vowed to destroy the world upon his release. He was paroled in 1948 much to the dismay of costumed heroine Sun Girl, who took up the cause of tracking Drearr down while Drearr was already plotting his revenge against the world.

Drearr built a device he called a "Telescopic Reviver" that used a beam of energy to pull sea monsters from out of the deep and bring them to New York City. His first test was to summon a massive green monster from the ocean depths that attacked the city until it was driven away by Sun Girl, who shined her powerful Sun-Beam device into the creatures eyes until it retreated back into the sea. Drearr, furious at Sun Girl's interference then set his device to bring more than one creature to the city. However, Sun Girl arrived and easily defeated Drearr and forced him to reverse the ray sending the monsters back.

Monsters Summoned by Doctor Drearr (Earth-616) from Sun Girl Vol 1 1 0001

More of Drearr's monsters

Drearr then attempted to point the Telescopic Reviver at Sun Girl in order to send her to a drowning death in the oceans as well, but Sun Girl ducked out of the beams path, knocking Drearr into the beam sending him to the same drowning death he intended for Sun Girl. In the aftermath of the battle, Sun Girl destroyed the Telescopic Reviver so that it could not be used to menace humanity again.[1]


No known paranormal powers.


Dr. Drearr was a brilliant but mad scientist and inventor.


Telescopic Reviver from Sun Girl Vol 1 1 0001

Drearr's Telescopic Reviver.

Telescopic Reviver: Dr. Drearr invented a Telescopic Reviver, a device that actually worked like a tractor beam. He used it to pull creatures out of the depths of the oceans and similarly send them back from where they came. This device was not limited to his creatures, but also humans and presumably any object it was targeted on.


Dr. Drearr carried a pistol.

The origins of the creatures that Drearr summons is not specified, however it's entirely likely they are some of the many creatures created by the Deviants that lived below the Earth.

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