Doctor Alba was the chief scientist working on Weapon X's Vat H sector, which consisted on the implementation of the Hulk's genetic material in the organization's Adamantium cyborgs.[1]

Alba's research progressed, though with numerous failed attempts in the process.[2] Her two most successful attempts were the test subjects H-Alpha and H-Beta, the latter being Bobby Andrews. When the Weapon X Central Command was attacked by Hulk and his allies, Alba's disobeyed Director Stryker's orders to evacuate, being unwilling to let loose the final two text subjects before their incubation period ended. After buying time by releasing her failed test subjects to attack the Hulk's allies, Dr. Alba observed as H-Beta broke free from containment, ready to attack Weapon X's enemies.[3]

While Hulk and H-Beta were fighting, Dr. Alba unleashed the final subject, H-Alpha. After killing H-Beta, H-Alpha proved resistant to Dr. Alba's attempts to remotely control him with an implant, with only Hulk managing to hold him back from turning on his creators. As Hulk and H-Alpha continued fighting, Dr. Alba and Stryker made their escape.[4]

After the Weapon X Project caught up to H-Alpha, Dr. Alba took control of him. She states to H-Alpha that he has a killer instinct where he is to kill anyone that the Weapon X Project wants him to kill.[5] Her control over H-Alpha was broken by Wolverine.[6]


  • Genius-Level Intellect

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