The origin of Director X is unknown. At one point, he became head of Department H. Under his command, Department H began using more clandestine and illegal methods to achieve their goals. He employed the Zodiac to battle Alpha Flight to test the Flight's battle-readiness.

Director X (Department H) (Earth-616)-Alpha Flight Vol 2 2 001

Director X resides on the 66th floor of the Department H complex surrounded by Epsilon Black guards. He wears a serpent ring on his right hand ring finger, the origin of which is not known.

After the death of General Clarke, the Director seemingly revealed a more humanitarian side. He recruited Mr. Gentry (a much more ethical man) to supervise the activities of Alpha Flight. He also informed Gentry that the "Sasquatch" who had died during a recent battle was not, in fact, Walter Langkowski.[1]

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