Dinah Soar was a founding member of the Great Lakes Initiative after meeting Mister Immortal. Dinah was unable to communicate verbally as her voice was in the hypersonic range. The only one who was able to understand her voice was her lover, Mister Immortal. In Dinah's species, verbal communication was reserved for a lifelong bond-mate.[1]

She was tragically killed by Maelstrom during a mission.[2]


  • Acoustikinesis: She had a voice that couldn't be heard by most people as it was in the hypersonic range. She could use her voice as a weapon, varying the pitch/wavelength. With it, she could disrupt the sonic powers of others (such as sound constructs) or affect the brain. Dinah's flying ability was extraordinary, with extreme agility and speed. And her feet were equipped to hold people while she was aloft. Her speed and the weight she could carry while in flight have yet to be determined.


Dinah used a flute to communicate in emergencies. It was stored in a pouch in her arm.

  • Her name may be a reference to Dinah Lance (DC's Black Canary) who possesses similar vocal prowess, as well as a pun on both the word dinosaur, and actress Dinah Shore's name.

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