Dimension Zee is another dimension located in the Earth-616 universe. The dimension's only known inhabitants are a race of dwarfish humanoids who are all tricksters. Their realm is devoid of crime, and there is such an abundance of gold and jewels these materials are considered useless. Its most prominent citizen is Mister Zrr who breached the dimensional barriers to Earth in 1948.

This portal was caused by a mirror maker named Andrew who somehow managed to build a mirror that could allow one to travel from one dimension to another. While Andrew came to Dimension Zee to explore, it soon was invaded by two criminals: Doc Smith and Cecil Babylon who convinced Mr. Zrr to travel back to Earth and sell jewels and gold on their behalf. While Zrr was gone, the two crooks managed to cause everyone in Dimension Zee to take on criminal behaviour. However, Zrr soon returned with Captain America and Golden Girl who helped liberate Dimension Zee from the criminals influence. As they returned to Earth, the mirror that transported them there fell over and shattered closing off the portal forever it seems, as none of the denizens of Dimension Zee has visited Earth since.[1]


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