Dick Chalker was the brother of Vic Chalker.

As the "mutant outcast" of the family, Dick has used his powers to perform criminal activities, as robberies, murders, mayhem and postal fraud.

Felling extremely guilty over the deaths of his brother Vic and cousin "Mick" (presumably Rick) as he was the reason that they hated mutants, he was determined to kill all mutants on the planet and then commit suicide only to be killed by an automobile before his mission could even begin.[1]

He was resurrected by Charon alongside his brother and cousin, to battle X-Factor. The three of them were finally destroyed, Carnivore's head removed by a Multiple Man duplication in his mouth.[2]


Reptilian form, which he describe as "Dinosaur mutant powers", who seems to give him:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability: Wolfsbane wasn't able to pierce his skin in his feral form.

The Chalker family seems to be restructured, via remarriage as Vic is both Rick's and Dick's brother, but this two are cousins. Dick even called his dead cousin Mick.

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