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Dhaka Tribe
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Malay Archipelago

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The Dhaka Tribe were a group of savages that lived on the Malay Archipelago. During World War II their loyalty was bought by the Nazis, who installed their agent Kurt Mueller as leader of the island. The tribe called Mueller "Kuoli" which meant "King of the Islands" in their native tongue. The tribe was also convinced to worship Adolf Hitler as a god.

Mueller briefly posed as US air force lieutenant Conroy in order to steal plans. Crashing his plane carrying Colonel Carter, Steve Rogers and James Barnes, he attempted to pilfer secret plans that were being sent to Singapore. Attempting to eliminate Carter, he faced Rogers and Barnes in their costumed guises of Captain America and Bucky. Cap and Bucky were able to hold their own against the Dhaka Tribal warriors until Mueller was thrown into their sacrificial flame. Shortly thereafter the Navy stormed the island and the tribe members who refused to surrender were gunned down.

If any members of the Dhaka tribe survived the massacre or if the group continues to operate into the modern era remains unrevealed.


Weapons: The Dhaka tribe uses primitive weapons such as spears, daggers and swords.

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