Prince Dezan is the younger brother of Dorrek VII, he is a pacifist, and as such, was long imprisoned as a traitor to the Skrull Empire. Growing up he was ugly in appearance in Skrull-terms though "handsome" as far as humans are concerned.

In search of Nebula, the Avengers and the Skrulls visit the planet Kral IV, on which Skrulls have taken the form of 1930's American gangsters, where they encounter Prince Dezan, who until recently an imprisoned exile. He has been freed for his knowledge of those who now menace the Skrulls, his one-time fellow rebels, Zabyk and Myrn, who intend to unleash a powerful secret weapon, the hyperwave bomb. The Avengers ultimately join forces with the Fantastic Four, also on Kral on a separate mission, but neither group can prevent Zabyk from firing the dreaded weapon. To everyone's surprise, however, the bomb affected only the Skrulls, robbing them all of their shapechanging powers.[1]


Skrull Shape-Shifting

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