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Dewoz was part of a class of young Inhumans who underwent Terrigenesis together. His transformation was considered a portent of doom, because he mutated into one of the underclass, the Alpha Primitives. The Genetics Council abandoned Dewoz among the Alpha Primitives at first, hiding away his shame.[1]

It was eventually revealed that Maximus the Mad manipulated Dewoz prior to his Terrigenesis, ensuring he would come out looking like a Primitive at first, but actually had great power.[2] Dewoz's ability to teleport through reflective surfaces helped Maximus escape, but Woz eventually willed his full mutation to manifest itself, and broke from Maximus's control.[3]

Dewoz began a relationship with his classmate, Tonaja, before she was sent to the United States on a student exchange program.[4]

Woz was later used by Queen Medusa to infiltrate Magneto's base in the Savage Land so he could gather intel on what they were up to but was found out by Sabretooth. As he tried to escape back through a mirror he was stopped by the telekinetic abilities of Rachel Grey and was then held prisoner.[5]


Reflective Teleportation: Able to travel through mirrors or other reflective surfaces.
Dewoz (Earth-616) 002



Can teleport through reflective surfaces.

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