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Devos was an alien on a mission to destroy all races capable of making war.

Fearsome Foursome

When the Johnny Storm went to trial for setting fire to Empire State University, he was attacked in the courtroom by Paibok and Devos. Simultaneously, Klaw attempted to have his revenge upon the Fantastic Four by manipulating Huntara into joining them. Working together the attacked they FF as the Fearsome Foursome.[1] However the Fantastic Four four Spider-Man, Sandman, Silver Sable and Daredevil. They were winning until the but the Avengers arrived, they decided to retreat through a portal opened by Huntara. Daredevil attempted to pursue, but the dimension in which he found himself confused his senses, and he had to be pulled out by Spider-Man.[2] On Paibok's starship they planned to destroy the FF at Four Freedoms Plaza, where they lay in wait for the Fantastic Four's return. When the heroes returned, Huntara launched into battle with Psi-Lord, leading the two of them away from the others. The remaining members of the Fantastic Four were taken out by knock-out gas delivered by Devos and Paibok. The two allies then teleported their captives to Paibok's ship, so that they could turn them over to the Skrull Empire. After they had disappeared, Klaw came out of hiding and took the unconscious body of Ms. Marvel prisoner.[3]

Annihilation: Ronan


Realm of Kings: Inhumans

After the Inhumans ended the war between the Kree and the Shi'ar Empire, and became the rulers of both Empires, Devos decreed that their acts of war were an abomination and the Inhumans needed to be destroyed, so sent his cybernetic armada to attack the Kree homeworld. [5] He was eventually stopped by The Mighty Avengers and Karnak. [6]


He was stated to have a "Planetary" threat level by the Nova Corps.[7]

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