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Deviant Mutates

Deviant Mutates
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Deviant Mutates
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Can see well in the dark
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Created by the Deviants
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Deviant Mutates are more extremely mutated specimens of Deviants. Amongst them were the residents of Monster Isle.

Powers and Abilities





Average Strength level



None known.


Habitat: Underground
Gravity: Earth
Atmosphere: Earth
Population: Unknown


Type of Government: Government type unknown.
Level of Technology: None
Cultural Traits: Cultural traits unknown.

  • Maelstrom - son of Morga and Phaeder; because he was half Deviant, half Inhuman he was sent to the Lemuria Slave Pits
  • Bandrhude - a type of Deviant mutate that were used prior to sinking of Atlantis
  • Brutus - briefly led Deviants after Ghaur's seeming destruction by the Dreaming Celestial; organized the Subterranean wars and persecution of Deviant mutates; killed when he was exposed as a mutate
  • Cataphrax - Warrior, former wrestler in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, has strength rivalling Ikaris
  • Dromedan - Dromedan was bred by the Deviants as a weapon against the Eternals.Imprisoned beneath New York City.
  • Giganto - servant of the Mole Man, briefly raised Inorganic Technotroid with its mate, abandoned it after it lost interest.
  • Giganto - once made attempt to rule earth, guarded Monster Island for Kro, later became a servant to Mole Man
  • Glomm - servant of Dulpus, defeated by Warbird in single combat
  • Gorgilla - member of the Fin Fang Four; formerly used as a pawn by Kro through the Brain Mines and was used to rampage in New York City
  • Gort - agent of Brutus; defeated by the Hulk
  • Grottu - produced through the Deviant mutate stockpiles
  • Karkas - a former gladiator who allied with the Eternals
  • Kraawl - Giant serpent
  • Lizard Men - race of Deviant mutates in the form of reptilian humanoids; used as agents of Kro and journeyed to Midnight Mountain and attempted to help capture Makkari
  • Megataur - monster serving the Mole Man
  • Metabo - engineered by Kro, able to absorb cosmic energy from Eternals; it was briefly considered for Delta Force
  • Minotaur - possibly the creature formerly contained within the labyrinths of Aegian sea, whom battled Ikaris
  • Molten Man-Thing - creature from a volcano who invaded the island of Napuka
  • Spore - created millennia ago as the ultimate weapon against the Eternals; gained immortality from consuming Eternals but was destroyed circa 18000 BC by the Celestial second host
  • Tricephalous - lives on Monster Isle, servant of Mole Man.
  • World-Devouring Worm - A mutated earthworm released by Dromedan from a Deviant Coagulation Chamber.


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