Quote1 I may not heal as fast as I used to-- But I still bounce back quickly. I'm not one hundred percent-- But it's Enough. Let's GO. Quote2
-- Destroyer (Keene Marlow)

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As he and his daughter are recuperating in the hospital, Marlow is given a file showing the location of Horde's central headquarters. Excited at the chance to rid the world of another major threat, he jumps out of bed and gets back into uniform, despite the protests of his worried wife.

The Destroyer then leads an army of soldiers into Horde's headquarters, though the weakened hero is quickly overwhelmed by Horde creatures. He is rescued, however, by Turret who singlehandedly takes down Horde's leader, a giant dragon-like creature named Krakoom. That night, Marlow realizes that he has become old, that he's no longer as fast or powerful as he once was.

The next day, Felecia is released from hospital and she is furious, having learned that Darius is actually Turret. Marlow feels bad, having convinced Darius to retire years earlier to ensure his daughter's happiness. To ensure that she didn't live the life that Harriet had to. He now regrets this decision, saying that Darius was his greatest achievement.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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