After his powers developed, Beacon was tricked by Mister Sinister into believing that mutants were bad. Sinister then had Beacon lured the X-Men into his grasp.

When the X-Men arrived at Montclair High School, they found out that Derrick was losing control of his powers and cutting off the airways of various bystanders. The heroes rescued the civilians and stopped Derrick but Sinistr arrived and subdued the X-Men (except Jubilee who was in hiding).

Soon the X-Men regained consciousness and started arguing with Sinister (a planned distraction) while Jubilee secretly talked to Beacon telling him that being a mutant was something to celebrate not something to be ashamed of. Derrick then told her that his friends and classmates hated him for being a mutant but Jubilee reminded Beacon that they weren't very good friends to begin with.

After Beacon helped the X-Men defeat Mr. Sinister, he declined Gambit's offer to join Xavier's School so that he could focus on finishing high school and possibly go to college.[1]


Generates "biocentric energy gel" from his body, often in the form of small energy globules that could imprison others. He can generate small to large spheres.

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