Nothing is known about Derek's past, save that he was a British mutant who was depowered by the Decimation and that he accepted Albion's offer to become one of his Shadow-Captains in exchange for power. During the all-out melee between Excalibur and their allies and Albion's forces, Derek took a break to use the restroom, and in doing so his body was hijacked by Nocturne, of Exalibur.

Talia remained inside Derek's body for the majority of the battle, attacking Albion when she got the chance, but Albion defeated Derek and separated Nocturne from him. Albion then angrily demanded he kill Excalibur, but Derek was quickly taken out of the fight by a telekinetic blast from Shadow Marvel Girl.


Derek possessed unrevealed mutant powers prior to the Decimation. He was mystically granted superhuman strength and the ability to fly upon being transformed into a Shadow-Captain.


As a Shadow-Captain, Derek fought with a sword.

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