Dennis Golembuski allegedly came from a family of Polish freedom fighters. He spent some time working as an underboss for the Kingpin before he began to work for a mysterious new master.[2] He has two children. His eldest daugher is a mutant. [1]

The Golem ordered Madam Rapier to kill the super-villain Mosh after he refused to hand over a percentage of his take from robbing a liquor store under Golem's protection. [1]

Golem hired the Constrictor, Shocker and Jack O'Lantern in an exclusive contract. He had them protect a consignment of bloodstones diamonds he had imported via sea freight. The Hood stole half the diamonds. Knowing the Golem would kill him for moving in on his business, the Hood later offered to return the diamonds to Golem for a fifteen percent cut. Golem agreed but intended to double-cross him by having Madam Rapier kill him during the exchange of the diamonds. The Hood was prepared for their betrayal and Madam Rapier was killed in a hail of police gunfire. The Hood handed Jack O'Lantern and the other super villains the diamonds to pass on to the Golem so he would leave him alone. However, the Golem was heartbroken and vowed nothing was done between him and the Hood. [3]

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