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Dennis Carradine was a robber and a carjacker. He was once assumed to be responsible for Ben Parker's death.[1]

When Carradine robbed a fight promoter, Peter let the robber escape as a subtle way of getting revenge against the fight promoter who cheated him out of money, thinking was "not his job" to stop him. Flint Marko accidentally shot Ben when Carradine bumped into him trying to get into the car. Carradine, a friend and accomplice of Marko, stole the car and left Marko behind to take the fall. Peter chased him to a warehouse, where Carradine tripped and fell from a window to his death. Marko, who become the Sandman, admitted to Peter that he needed the money he stole to help his daughter who was sick, and was forgiven by Peter.[2]


None known


None known

Strength level

Normal human male


None known


He was shown to carry a gun and a knife

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