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As with numerous other realities parallel to Earth-616, some Demons found a way cross over into Earth-6799 to cause trouble. Several Demons eventually clashed with the Spider-Man of Earth-6799. At some point, the Green Goblin of Earth-6799 made friends with several Demons and they came to aid him during his battle with Spider-Man, only for Spider-Man to defeat them effortlessly. Later, a Demon calling himself the Fifth Avenue Phantom appeared and used his magical powers to terrorize the people of New York and pull off heists, until Spider-Man confronted him and defeated him in battle. After this, a Demon King named Kotep is accidentally freed from 7,000 years of imprisonment, and he immediately attempts to take over the world, only to be stopped by Spider-Man and imprisoned once more. It is not known what became of the Demons in Earth-6799 after a handful of defeats at the hands of Spider-Man.

Equipment: Varies
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Varies

  • All of the Demons that appeared in Earth-6799 were notably weak by the standards of their kind.
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