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Delphyne Gothon a descendant of the original Gorgon sisters who were cursed by Athena Panhellenios, and has made it her life's goal to kill Athena in order to lift the curse. In the course of her travels, she met Amadeus Cho, and they have been dating.[citation needed]

The curse on Delphyne has been lifted, and she has returned to human form.[2] She intended to officially become a couple with Cho but in truth he loved her just the way she was before the curse was lifted.[1] When she found out Hephaestus' true intentions for Athena however he rescued her inanimate form from him just as Continuum had began erasing reality, at the moment of Zeus & Hera's demise, Athena rose again brandishing her father's lightning bolt; reinstating the curse of Delphyne's ancestry reverting back to her Gorgon form again.[citation needed]


The snakes making up her hair could cause blindness with their venom. Due to being serpentine in nature she is invisible to infrared scans.[citation needed]


She is very skilled combatant, showing skill in swordplay and archery, enough so to cut an arrow shot by Hawkeye mid-flight.[citation needed]


Enchanted Helm: Delphyne commissioned a gold helmet through which she could channel her ancestral power of the Gorgon Sisters through, turning all who she looked upon to stone. It has multiple holes within its platting for which the snakes making up her hair could fit through.[2]


Short sword/dagger, bow and arrows.

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