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Delphi, depowered on M-Day, found the body of her good friend, the mad Morlock Qwerty, together with a wall covered with Qwerty's prophecies. Copying them down into a book, Delphi preached to the other Morlocks and soon became something of a spiritual leader to them. Eventually, Masque, hoping to speed along the prophecies to suit his own goals, led the other Morlocks away from Delphi.[1]

Delphi later informs the X-Men of Qwerty's prophecy of a Mutant Messiah, as well as her belief that the Morlocks were not long for this world. Her suspicions seemed to be proven true when Masque set off a bomb in the tunnels, and Delphi was caught in the blast. It is unknown if she survived.[2]


Delphi was presumably a mutant like the other Morlocks who was depowered on M-Day. If she had powers prior to that, it is unknown what they were.

In the world of the Ancient Greeks, Delphi was the home of the most sacred Oracle of Apollo.

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