Nothing is known of Delphi's past, save that she is a Genoshan and that at some point she opened a curio shop using her powers, selling boxed memories to tourists.

When Cannonball received a mysterious box from Genosha, X-Force traveled to the country to investigate. They were introduced to Delphi by Pete Wisdom, of whom she was an associate, and she took responsibility for sending the box, one of many from her shop that contained the memories she had extracted. She extracted a new memory from Meltdown, before providing X-Force with memories from her shop that she felt they would need: Mirage received those of a Nicaraguan healer, Meltdown the codes for Genosha's genetics complex, Warpath a mapmaker's knowledge of every street in Genosha, and Bedlam a martial arts student's knowledge gained from training.

To Cannonball, she offered the memories of a soldier, but he declined, as he only wanted to know whose memories were in the first box he had received. Delphi simply told him that he would have his answers in due time, and bid X-Force on their way.


Delphi has the mutant ability to extract memories from others and preserve them outside the body of the person they originated from. She can also use these memories to cause another person to experience them, as if they were living the life of the person to which they originally belonged.

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