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"Defenders for a Day"
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Defenders Headquarters (The Richmond Riding Academy)
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None established, although Hercules was nominated to represent the group. Squads were taken out into New York City led by Nighthawk, Valkyrie and Hellcat
Information-silk Current Members
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A gathering of heroes who answered Dollar Bill's call for people to join the group in a documentary film that was made about the Defenders.
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When the Defenders' associate Dollar Bill created a documentary about the group and aired it on television without their permission, it attracted a group of super-heroes who were interested in joining the group. They were interested in joining because of the Defenders' lack of rules and loose formation. This led to a disaster as the large group of different personalities often clashed and the poor leadership of this large group (led by long-standing Defenders Nighthawk, Valkyrie and Hellcat). Their first and last mission was against a team of super-villains (Led by Libra and Sagittarius) who had joined together. The villains also called themselves the Defenders, using the publicity of Dollar Bill's documentary to give the Defenders a bad name.

Although they managed to defeat the villains, the experience proved to be so haphazard, and disorganized that all the "Defenders for the Day" quit.

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