Quote1 No, child, it is not Ragnarök... but a future far worse -- devoid of all hope -- if indeed that future falls in the hands of a madman with the power to inflict death arbitrarily at will! Quote2
-- Urd

Appearing in "Val in Valhalla Part One: War of the Dead!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Val in Valhalla Part One: War of the Dead!"Edit

Arriving in Asgard, Valkyrie seeks out the Three Fates to learn what her future holds. Looking into the Well of Mimir, she sees a future where a war in Valhalla between two opposing forces which ends with herself being sent to Nifflehim by Hela. Having to face her destiny, Val then flies off to Valhalla.

On Earth, Hellcat wakes up from a strange nightmare, while in Manhattan, representatives of the Justice Department prepare to investigate Kyle Richmond for illegal business activities. Back in Asgard, Val arrives in Valhalla to find that in her absence Hela has been granted dominion of the realm, and that she is in a struggle against Ollerus and his followers. Ollerus plots to overthrow Hela and become a god of death in her place.

During the opening offensive against Ollerus' troops and his citadel, they find a shaped mountain that moves on the command of Ollerus' mystic named Poppo. Val discovers a way into the citadel. However it is a trap that allows Ollerus and his men to get her in close proximity to her real body and revive it with the soul of Barbara Norriss.

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An Asgardian structure on page 2 has the surnames "Patterson", "Hannigan" and "Kraft" carved on it.

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