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Appearing in "Of Ambitions and Giant Amoebas"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Giant Amoeba

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Of Ambitions and Giant Amoebas"Edit

With the last of the Defenders applicants quitting and the evil "Defenders" being arrested, Hellcat gets a tongue lashing for Lieutenant Kris Keating before remembering that she got a letter earlier that day. Reading it she's excited to find that it's from her old friend Millie Collins.

While in Russia, the government becomes increasingly concerned with the threat of the giant amoeba in the forbidden zone and send the Red Guardian out to destroy it. However, when she confronts the creature she spots the Presence trapped inside, trying to free him she is captured as well.

Back in the States, Nighthawk returns to Defenders HQ with Valkyrie following their ordeal with "Defenders for a Day" and Val goes into another hallucination that brings her into a fury, which Nighthawk is forced to knock her out to stop. Patsy meanwhile visits her old friend Millie and catch up on old times.

Back in Russia, the Presence and the Red Guardian manage to free themselves from the amoeba and both come to realize that only way to destroy the creature is to overload it with radiation. Combining their powers the two destroy the creature and decide to live together in the forbidden zone.

As Patsy returns to headquarters, Val is haunted by more visions before she leaves with Aragorn back to Asgard, leaving a note behind telling her friends that she does not intend to return.

Lunatik next appears in Marvel Premiere #45

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