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Appearing in "D-Day!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "D-Day!"Edit

As Hellcat and Saggitarius' Defender groups argue with police over which group is stealing the diamonds, Sagg's group makes a break for it into the New York subway system with the heroes in tow. The villains end up escaping in a subway train, and the heroes track the train with the help of Captain Ultra's Ultra-Vision.

While at ESU, Dollar Bill runs into his friend Ledge (who just got out of the hospital) and Prof. Turk. Back in the city, Nighthawk's group attempts to stop a mugging which turns out to be the same delinquent child from before. Fed up with Nighthawk's leadership skills, the heroes on his team quit the group and part company. This leaves Nighthawk by himself to stop a Libra, Shocker, Boomerang, Leap Frog, Joe the Gorilla, Melter, Pecos, and the Toad from robbing a bank. While in the Subway, Hellcat's team manages to stop the subway train full of villains, and battles them on the subway platform. During the fight the Blob grabs Hellcat in a strangle hold, and in her panic to breath she unleashes a powerful mental bolt that knocks everybody out, friends and foes alike.

Valkyrie's team finds the battered Nighthawk and they follow the group of villains led by Libra to the Staton Island Ferry, where during the battle Valkyrie hallucinates that she is in a battle with trolls and attacks everybody on the ferry. After the villains are defeated, and Val snaps out of it, the other heroes quit the group as well. While in Russia, scientists warn the military of the impending danger of the Amoeba.

Lunatik last appears in Defenders #62.

Melter last appeared in Iron Man #92 and will appear next in Iron Man #123.

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