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Appearing in "Deadlier by the Dozen!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Deadlier by the Dozen!"Edit

As a group of the "Defenders for a Day" attack the Hulk, Iron Man arrives to drop off a letter for Hellcat before departing. Hercules then breaks up the battle between the heroes and the Hulk allowing the Hulk to jump away to safety. Shortly after the senior Defenders try to organize the group, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Paladin decide to leave finding the whole ordeal so far was not what they were looking for.

When word of villains on the loose causing crimes in the Defenders names, the senior members break the entire team into groups to search the city for the villains. Valkyrie takes Stingray, Falcon, Turbo and Jack of Hearts; Hellcat takes Hercules, White Tiger, Black Goliath, Iron Fist, Captain Ultra and Havok; and the grumpy Nighthawk takes Son of Satan, Nova, Polaris, Tagak, Quasar.

Nighthawk's team finds trouble first, however it turns out to be an undisciplined child who took his fathers car without asking. In Russia, the Presence comes face to face with a giant mutant amoeba of his own creation, when he attacks the creature it feeds off his radioactivity and swallows the Presence to feed off him.

Back in New York, Hellcat's group finds Sagittarius leading Whirlwind, Blob, Porcupine, Beetle, Batroc the Leaper, Electro, and Plantman in the act of robbing diamonds. A battle soon erupts between the two groups until the police arrive. When both groups dispute who the villains and who the heroes are, the frustrated police orders everyone on the scene under arrest.

  • Cover art: preliminary art by Cockrum[1].

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