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Appearing in "Dollar Bill's Documentary Disaster Part 1: Membership Madness!"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "Dollar Bill's Documentary Disaster Part 1: Membership Madness!"Edit

As the Defenders are enjoying a day of recreation by playing Frisbee when they are informed by Dollar Bill that his documentary about the team is about to air on television. This infuriates Nighthawk who wished to maintain the groups secrecy. However, all decide that the damage has already been done and sit down to watch the documentary. At the end of the film, Dollar Bill informs the viewing audience of the Defenders "non-team" status, and invite any hero to join the group. This infuriates Nighthawk to no end, as he doesn't want just any hero showing up and wanting the join the group.

While in Russia, the Presence come across something in the Forbidden Zone he thought he'd never seen again. Back in the States, Nighthawk is greeted by a bunch of heroes wanting to join the Defenders. The furious Nighthawk starts chasing after the Falcon, while the other heroes clash with each other, wrangle some horses and endure Valkyrie's awful coffee. One group of the heroes who have shown up decide that the Hulk is a menace and decide to attack him.

  • While this story features many heroes showing up for membership in the Defenders, a number of heroes shown on the cover did not even appear in this issue, these characters are: Iron Man (who does appear briefly in the next issue, but not to join the group), Human Torch, Power Man (Who has already previously been a member of the Defenders), Angel (Who would eventually join up with the Defenders at a later date), and Spider-Woman.
  • Lunatik next appears in Defenders #64
  • Letters page 'Defenders Dialogue' with letters from Jim Rivers, Dave Cerreta, Jacob Lasky, and Richard Bedard.

  • No trivia.

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