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Synopsis for "Xenogenesis Day of the Demons Part 3: The Revenge of Vera Gemini!"Edit

With Dr. Strange's astral form captured by Vera Gemini, Wong informs the Defenders that they need to bring his physical body in close proximity to his astral form to save him. While the group is traveling to Mexico, the cult manages to unleash the demon hordes of Xenogenesis using a portal opened by the Eye of Agamotto.

While Dollar Bill films the event, the Defenders and Devil Slayer battle Vera Gemini and her demon hordes. During the fight, Hellcat manages to steal the Soldier of Fortune's Shadow Cloak, and Valkyrie frees Dr. Strange's astral form allowing it to rejoin with his body.

Then with the help of Nighthawk, Dr. Strange manages to close the portal opened by the Eye of Agamotto banishing all the demons back to their own realm and stopping Xenogenesis from completing. With Vera's plan foiled, she is captured and sent to another dimension through Hellcat's newly acquired Shadow Cloak.

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