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in: Comics, 1975, 1975, September Bronze-Age, Defenders Vol 1, Marv Wolfman/Editor-in-Chief, Eli Katz/Cover Artist, John Romita Sr./Cover Artist, Gaspar Saladino/Cover Artist, Steve Gerber/Writer, Sal Buscema/Penciler, Vincent Joseph Colletta/Inker, Al Wenzel/Colourist, Joe Rosen/Letterer, Len Wein/Editor, Stephen Strange (Earth-616)/Quotes, Defenders (Earth-616)/Appearances, Stephen Strange (Earth-616)/Appearances, Bruce Banner (Earth-616)/Appearances, Brunnhilde (Earth-616)/Appearances, Kyle Richmond (Earth-616)/Appearances, Guardians of the Galaxy (Earth-691)/Appearances, Vance Astro (Earth-691)/Appearances, Charlie-27 (Earth-691)/Appearances, Martinex T'Naga (Earth-691)/Appearances, Yondu Udonta (Earth-691)/Appearances, Jackson Norriss (Earth-616)/Appearances, Stakar Ogord (Earth-691)/Appearances, Brotherhood of Badoon (Earth-691)/Appearances, Droom (Earth-691)/Appearances, Koz (Earth-691)/Appearances, Badoon Elite Guard (Earth-691)/Appearances, Zoms (Earth-691)/Appearances, Zinnia (Earth-691)/Appearances, Goozoot (Earth-691)/Appearances, Goozootians/Appearances, Badoon/Appearances, Homo sapiens/Appearances, Homo superior/Appearances, Pluvians/Appearances, Jovians (Humans)/Appearances, Centaurians/Appearances, Earth-691/Appearances, Earth/Appearances, United States of America/Appearances, New York City/Mentions, Lotiara/Appearances, Moons of Lotiara/Appearances, Pluto (Planet)/Mentions, Eye of Agamotto/Appearances, Cloak of Levitation/Appearances, Dragonfang/Appearances, Starship Captain America/Appearances

Defenders Vol 1 27


Defenders Vol 1 27

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Quote1 We shall have no violence here. Is that clear? Quote2
-- Doctor Strange

Appearing in "Three Worlds to Conquer!"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "Three Worlds to Conquer!"Edit

While preparing to send a landing party to the Earth to fight the Badooon, the teleportation device is interfered with sending Valkyrie, Vance Astro, Hulk, and Yondu to different locations. Valkyrie and Vance end on the world ruled by the female gender of the Badoon race. There they are attacked by a group of them and although Val is seriously injured, they fight off their attackers and are saved by a mysterious glowing entity.

The Hulk and Yondu are taken to a world ruled by Goozot, and are taken prisoner after an altercation with the planets robot defenders. While back aboard the Captain America, Dr. Strange and Martinex use a combination of science and magic to destroy the Badoon's probe, prompting them to launch an attack. While on the female Brood world, the mysterious figure -- revealing itself as Starhawk, uses his powers to heal Valkyrie of her injuries. Meanwhile, Hulk and Yondu are sentenced by Goozot to compete in his planets gladiator games. And back aboard the Captain America, the remaining Defenders and Guardians are called to arms when the ship is invaded by a Badoon army.

  • This issue contains a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from J. Marc DeMatteis, Rob Landfert, Ken Norris and Ed McCarthy.

  • No trivia.

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