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Robert Drake (Earth-616) from Extraordinary X-Men Vol 1 1 001
C'mon, Hank, do you have to watch that opera?
Conversation Tail
Henry McCoy (Earth-616) from A + X Vol 1 7 001
Shhh -- Kirite Kanawa's about to make her entrance. I thought you were into music, Bobby.
Conversation Tail
Robert Drake (Earth-616) from Extraordinary X-Men Vol 1 1 001
I am -- but the Stevie Ray Vaughn concert starts any minute on MTV!
Conversation Tail
Henry McCoy (Earth-616) from A + X Vol 1 7 001
Fear not -- I'm taping that -- And the Ansel Adams tribute for Warren AND "Dynasty" for Dolly and Cloud -- Isn't modern science wonderful?
Conversation Tail

Appearing in "All Flesh Is Grass!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Chris Larmouth
  • Joey Birer
  • Birer family




  • Angel's plane

Synopsis for "All Flesh Is Grass!"Edit

Defenders Vol 1 141 001
Chris Larmouth, who services Warren Worthington’s planes is drinking a protein shake made with alfalfa sprouts he grew himself. After he drinks it, his body starts to mutate and plant-like tendrils emerge from his body. Beast and Iceman see this over their security monitor and race to the rescue. They recognize the plant creature emerging from Larmouth’s body as the same one they had previously fought that grew from Ephraim Soles. Iceman freezes Larmouth and they take him to their bio-lab. Meanwhile, in the New Mexico valley, a family witnesses a stampede of horses that are being ridden by plant-men who appear to be growing out of the horses. Beast, Iceman, and Gargoyle have to get past more tendrils to get Larmouth to the bio-lab. Beast tells the other two to seal up their headquarters so nothing can get in or out and to call the other Defenders. Outside the window, Iceman and Gargoyle see monstrous rabbits with fangs that are all connected by tendrils. In the bio-lab, Beast examines the plant creature under a microscope and determines the cells are radioactive, which causes them to rapidly reproduce and mutate. As the other Defenders arrive, Angel discovers a green fog and almost flies into it until Moondragon mentally warns him away and he sees an owl fly into the fog and start to mutate. Soon, the entire valley is overrun by mutant plant creatures, which merge together into a giant, slug-like form that anchors itself to the Defenders headquarters so it can send out spores. Realizing that the spores would spread around the world, Moondragon enters the creature and is able to detect the energy pattern of it’s mind and realizes how it may be destroyed, but she lacks the power to do so. Moondragon mentally contacts the Gargoyle, who also enters the creature, and links her mind with his so he can destroy the creature with his bio-mystical blasts. Moondragon asks the other Defenders to attack the creature and keep it occupied, while she becomes one with Gargoyle by kissing him. Gargoyle’s severed hand suddenly regenerates, and his power combined with Moondragon’s destroys the creature and reduces it to slime.

  • Cover art: Nowlan signs himself Mundelo for Larry Mundelo

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