Quote1 Deconsecrator is--like--It's--It's metal. It's--like--everything metal. The blackest of death metal, man. Like this--just--consuming--raging --unstoppable...destroying...just everthing--like--stupid people and lame crap and like--like redneck and drunk dads and...Deconsecrator all about destroying everthing. just, like, forever. Oh no. Quote2
-- Jeffrey Fischer src

Deconsecrator was a fictional character created from the imagination of Jeffrey Fischer who made him to be put on the cover of their first album. When the Mares were released from their prison they started to put everyone into a sleep. When Jeff was trapped in the dream he was asked to imagine a hero to save them. However, Jeff mistakenly imagined The Deconsecrator who somehow inhabited the body of Thor and wanted only complete destruction.[1]


Seemingly those of Thor


Seemingly those of Thor


Lack of self-control



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