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Deathunt 9000 was a cyborg from the latter part of the 21st century who usually acted as the leader for Kang's group of minions, the Anachronauts. As one of the more technologically advanced Anachronauts, it was usually his responsibility to explain things to the more superstitious members from the past. Deathunt apparently had experience fighting Thing looking monsters from Hellgate. He believed the Avengers to be weak by lacking the guts to win a fight to the death. This theory was his downfall when he mistook War Machine to be an Avenger.


  • Deathunt's cyborg body was armored, he could fly by means of boot-jets and possessed enhanced strength on a level to make him capable of grappling with War Machine.
  • He could fire plasma and electro-magnetic blasts from his hands or wrist-bands and also had wrist-mounted energy-guns and a retractable blade. He could also fire an energy blast from his cybernetic left eye.


Deathunt sometimes carried a futuristic gun.

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