In the year 2018 an unknown vagabond was drinking be a trashcan fire when a monstrous Minion-Prototype scared him before Dr. Necker shot him in order to use his brain to be transplanted into the Minion-Prototype's body. Dr. Necker next saw him two years later while she was employed be Omni Corporation. She quickly when about fixing him and exploring the idea of time travel. Sending him to Earth-9939 where he battle Charnel's liquid metal spawns, upon his return to Earth-8410 he accidentally brought a piece of this creatures back. With this fragment Dr. Necker created a new android name Death Metal, however her new creation soon turn on her and Death Wreck was summon to deal with the problem. However he was suck into the time vortex and vanish.[1] When he was next seeing Death Wreck was on unknown lands before he was encounter by a blind Alicia Master Grim, who befriended him and return him to Venger Mansion where Jarvis and Lord Stark awaited. Lord Stark confronted him for drinking the little wine they had, wanting to leave because he was not wanted Death Wreck insulted Lord Stark which cause a massive fight. Jarvis called upon an aged Black Widow and severely impaired Ben Grim whose body had been fuse together and thanks to power armor was able to walk. However Anthony Stark stop the argument because he heard of Death Wreck mention of him being a time traveling. Those he used a special machine to summon all who genetic trace was similar to him, bringing Death's Head Minion.[2]


  • Mental Illness: Death Wreck is very slow witted, and his alcohol addiction makes it even worse.

  • Death Wreck is similar to Frankestain's Monster as he creature from discarded parts.

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