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Death Squad
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Pulse, Silence, Swift, Warfare, Whisper
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A new Boss took the leadership of the 1400 Club; he named the Foreigner a traitor and sent Pulse-4, Silence-2, and Swift-1 to kill him. The assassins waited near a warehouse where two of their colleagues had been killed by Foreigner the night before, and they spotted the Foreigner and attacked him. Silence-2 was killed by the master assassin, but Pulse and Swift-1 were murdering Foreigner when Spider-Man saved him. Pulse was killed when his self-destruct device was activated by Foreigner, and Swift-1 fled. Shortly later Swift-1 was found by Dead Aim, who executed him for his failure[1].


Equipment: The Death Squad wore special suits that granted them a high level of protection and/or firepower. The special abilities were: enhanced speed and/or reflexes, enhanced or super strength, and/or the ability to absorb all the noises in a radius of at least 20 meters. Some of them were also probably trained in martial arts, hand to hand combat, and in the use of several weapons, ancient and modern. They also had cerebral implants that transmitted the information of their battles to the Foreigner's lab; they also had an self-destruction device.

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