Death is created by Apocalypse during his time in Ancient Egypt. The style of these Horsemen reflected their Egyptian origins.

Death, along with his fellow horsemen acted as the guardians of Apocalypse's Lazarus Chamber, the room which allowed him to regenerate through the ages. However, having obtained access to the Axis of Time, Apocalypse felt no need to maintain the chamber, instead using it as bait to draw the last people required for his plan.

When Apocalypse betrayed Magneto, he was saved from Apocalypse by Mystique who had disguised herself as Death.

After launching Apocalypse from the fortress, he was saved by the real Death and the other Horsemen, the four of them helping to battle the combined forces of the X-Men from across time as well as Magneto and Mystique.


Flight: Death possessed a pair of large bat-like wings which he could use to fly under his own power.


Death's Scythe: Death wielded a scythe which he used in combat, it could fire purple blasts of energy at his enemies.

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