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AIM's Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini restarted the failed Minion Project using the only Death's Head 3.0 unit that did not end up in Project: PEGASUS' custody. In order to succeed however, Monica also ended up restarting A.I.M's "Captain Universe Initiative", a project designed for the purpose of capturing The Uni-Power and using its power to create an army of Uni-Powered Super-Soldiers. Through the use of a holographic hardlight "everywoman in crisis" program, lured The Uni-Power of Captain Universe into several data-gathering traps. Traps which had given her more than enough data on The Uni-Power to create an artificial variant of it called Uni-Alias. The project was finished over 100 years later when Monica's granddaughter Varina Goddard empowered the Death's Head 3.0 unit with The Uni-Alias and ordered him to kill The United Nations Secretary General Okuda.

Despite being under Varina's influence, the core of Death's Head 3.0 very being was subtly being altered from within by The Uni-Alias.

Thus did Death's Head mimic its actions and sought to empower the disempowered and unfetter that which was caged within.

However, he did not come to realize this until the leader of a great revolution whom Death's Head 3.0 had decided to free from the Nu Grazi prison complex instead of the criminal scientist Varina had ordered him to save, was killed by a bullet that had been deflected off of Death's Head's armor. Believing all roads to redemption now forever closed to him because of his actions, Death's Head 3.0 fell into darkness and tore the Nu Grazi complex asunder. But, as it would later turn out, he was wrong in thinking that redemption was lost to him. The Nu Grazi incident was, in fact, a stepping stone on the path to redemption that Death's Head 3.0 so desperately sought. During the assassination attempt on Secretary General Okuda, Death's Head 3.0 was confronted by GEIST Agent Ray Hidalgo, who was resurrected by The Uni-Alias a couple hours after he had died at the hands of Death's Head. After conversing with Hidalgo, Death's Head finally released The Uni-Alias from the cages he had subconsciously placed around it and allowed it to guide his hand, thus freeing him of Varina's control and sparing Okuda from death in the process. Death's Head 3.0 shut down after doing so and was allegedly dismantled by GEIST, or at least that is what Ray Hidalgo, most of the Politicians and the Public had been told. But in reality Death's Head 3.0 had become a lawless Black Ops Troubleshooter for GEIST and was being sent on missions to eliminate criminals who, for political reasons, could not be openly dealt with by GEIST.

Planet Hulk

Ages ago, a ship carrying over 300 Death's Head 3.0 units traveled through a wormhole and crash-landed on the planet of Sakaar, where they were found by The Red King's father and became Imperial Peacekeepers and Prison Sentries. When The Hulk returned to Earth he was using the Death's Head 3.0 units (including the unit who would go onto become Death's Head 3.0 in the future) as soldiers and enforcers. While most of the units were taken into Project: PEGASUS' custody and thanks to The Worldmind of Xandar, became Nova Force-empowered instruments of The Skrull Empire's defeat during Secret Invasion. The unit who would eventually become the Uni-Alias empowered Death's Head was captured by Monica Rappacini and used to drive back M.O.D.O.K.'s forces when he attempted to regain control of A.I.M. Other Death's Head 3.0 Units, who were left behind on a dying Sakaar during the events of Planet Hulk, have been spotted serving under both Skaar (during his tyrannical reign on Sakaar) and Hiro-Kala. Carl, an amnesiac cyborg who was found by Commander Arcturus Rann and Marionette of The Microns, bears a strong resemblance to the Death's Head 3.0 units as noted by several soldiers serving under Axeman Bone. Whether Carl is a Death's Head unit or not remains to be seen.

  • This Death's Head's reality designation was revealed in Volume 3 of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe's hardcover editions.

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